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Passed first time
I couldn't believe I passed first time. But Wayne explained tings really well and built my confidance. I have a car already. Thanks Wayne

KASSEY I passed at Harehills after having a test cancelled because of the ice. Wayne really made my lessons fun and explained things really well. I already have a car. Thanks Wayne

ALAN I was bought a deal with Wayne for Christmas. Great gift I can now drive to my new job. Thanks Wayne.

NICK I had a long gap between my lessons to do my theory . But Wayne fit me in straight away and I passed in a few weeks first time.

Passed first time
I was so happy to pass first time Wayne made me feel really confidant. He used to drop me of at work , that was a big help.

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Pupil comments

I can´t thank Wayne enough. He was really understanding. He explained things well and dropped ..

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