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No buses
Buses and coaches only
No large vehicles
Buses only

Entry to 20mph limit area.
Indicated distance to roundabout
Minimum speed 20mph
Keep min distance of 20m from car ahead.

Minimum speed 40 mph
Roundabout in indicated distance metres
Stop in indicated distance
Max speed in this area

Dangerous motorcyclists ahead
No motor vehicles
Cars and motorcycles only
No buses

Keep safe distance
No cars in convoy
Traffic queues likely
Cars in convoy only

Form in road
Dual carriageway ahead
Road narrows on right
Road merges

No entry
No parking
No vehicles
No waiting

No right turn
Right turn only
Road on right closed
Road closed ahead

No entry except to children on foot
Entry to school
Pedestrian crossing outside school
School patrol crossing

No parking
No entry
National speed limit applies
No waiting

Caravans and trailers only
Holiday park ahead
Slow traffic ahead
No towed caravans

Slippery road ahead
Double bend first to left
Bend in road ahead
Winding road ahead

No vehicles except buses
No vehicles except buses and taxis
No vehicles except bicycles being pushed
No vehicles except bicycles

Give way to pedestrians
Give way at roundabout
Give way to traffic on major road
Give way to traffic on minor road

No vehicles other then bikes
No waiting
No entry
No stopping (Clearway)

Dual carriageway ahead
No overtaking
Road changes to single carriageway ahead
Safe overtaking area

Crosswinds likely
Possible surface ice
Winding road
Slippery road

No handbrake turns
Dead end ahead, turn around
No U-turns
Road closed ahead, turn around

Give way to oncoming traffic
No parking for vehicular traffic
No left or right turn
No entry for vehicular traffic

Dual carriageway ends
Dual carriageway ahead
Fork in road ahead
Road merges ahead

Get on the road to your licence with Highway 2 L

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